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We are doing this not only to keep ground-breaking gay supercouple Kyle and Oliver on "One Life to Live", but also in support of gay representation in the media in general. We would like ABC Daytime to continue to strive for diversity and equality in their programming.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Kish Rally on Good Morning America

This is gonna be huge, folks! Contact Jenna for more info, or check out the Facebook event page.

Kish Rally
Friday, March 26, 2010
Good Morning America Times Square Studio
1500 Broadway
New York City, New York 10036,
at 44th street

GMA tapes 7-9am. I’d like us to start meeting at 6:30 at least. If you can get there earlier, that would be better, to make sure we get a good spot.

Make signs, wear KISH t-shirts, but keep everything simple, and nothing insulting or offensive. Simple plain shirts or poster board with just “KISH” would be enough, but if you have a catchy slogan you want to use or anything, go for it. Websites can NOT be on signs, as per GMA rules.

I’ve also requested audience tickets. We could possibly get 10, but I don’t know about that yet. If we can get in at all, know that you can’t have large bags, be wearing anything with company logos, and you must have I.D.

For more information visit the Kishmet board (I’m glamgurl29 there), or contact me on Twitter at @JennaMichelle29, or Facebook under Jenna Michelle.

Spread the word about the rally to support KISH!!! And I hope to see many fellow Kishers there!
Will You Be There?
No, but I'll donate to Fish4Kish instead! free polls


  1. I have decided that I am no longer going to watch OLTL. I am over daytime tv. It's not real...We have an african American President, It's legal for gays to marry in DC (where I live) and the hispanic community is the fastest growing race in the country and soaps are lilly white. Sorry I am over it

  2. LOL, This is hilarious because it just aint that serious... If KISH werent gay there wouldnt be an issue.... Soap stars lose their jobs all the time for several reasons, I wish Brett Claywell and Scott Evans the best in what ever they pursue....But I love OLTL as a whole so I will continue to watch for several reasons.

  3. I happen to think equal representation for gays and lesbians on daytime television is "that serious." I won't be able to attend the rally, but I support the effort because I care about equal rights and because I love Kish.

  4. The actors are great.Brett said thanks to ABC for having the s/l and Scott said he is just looking foward to whats next in his career.I'm surprised TIIC pulled the plug.I wish I could be there in NY.I won't watch ABC daytime after Kish is gone.

  5. I used to watch OLTL many moons ago. I watch it every now and then. Then, in the summer last year, I started to watch the entire episode and that is when I bumped into the gay storyline. I immediately told all my friends about it and I started to watch it and I researched all about what was happening, trying to get to the beginning of the character of Oliver. I love Scott Evans, Kyle is good too, but I lean toward the gay guy;I believe he is a great actor. I wish I could be in NYC for the rally. It would be fitting as in OLTL itself. I too won't watch OLTL after no more KISH. I couldn't care less what the general public of OLTL things about KISH. And since we are on the subject, how come they have never shown Scott Evans at the splashy opening title? Did I miss it? Anyways, Scott Evans, I am a fan of you always. You will do well, I just know it.

  6. To answer previous anonymous Scott Evans wasn't on contract he was recurring.Only contract actors are in the opening.I'm not watching after Oliver and Kyle are gone too.