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We are doing this not only to keep ground-breaking gay supercouple Kyle and Oliver on "One Life to Live", but also in support of gay representation in the media in general. We would like ABC Daytime to continue to strive for diversity and equality in their programming.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Don't Put Kish in the Closet

Welcome, fellow Kish-ers!

In response to the shameful way ABC Daytime is treating Kish, Brett, and Scott, we're starting the "Don't Put Kish in the Closet" Campaign.

The Plan

Mail a ton of postcards on specific days to the people who were involved in this decision. Those people are:

Mr. Brian Scott Frons
President, Daytime
Disney-ABC Television Group

Ms. Anne Sweeney
Co-Chairman, Disney Media Networks
President, Disney-ABC Television Group

Mr. Frank Valentini
Executive Producer, One Life to Live

Mr. Ron Carlivati
Head Writer, One Life to Live

We'll also hit the soap mags. If anyone has any other suggestions for people to contact, let us know!

The Cards

The postcards can be found HERE and HERE and HERE.

If there's something specific you want, please let us know and we'll make it for you! If anyone wants to chip in their own graphics, go for it! Just crop it to the standard 6x4 inch postcard size. If it's easier for you to write a letter, or send a postcard from your hometown, or whatever, do that. It's most important just to write, write, write.

To send these, just print onto cardstock or other stiff paper, stamp, and mail. They should print out at 6x4 inches, perfect postcard size, but let us know if they don't.


Use the USPS postcard service. Upload any photo, tell them who you want it sent to, and they'll send it out the next business day. Best of all, your first postcard is FREE! And each postcard after that is only $1.25.

The Guidelines

1. Be respectful. I know we're all upset, but try not to name call, swear, etc. If there is a chance to save the guys, we don't want to anger the people who have control over that.

2. End your message with your first name, age, and where you live. Especially if you're a woman 18-49, because that's the big soap demo. The "mainstream" demo.

3. If you'd like to let them know you're part of the campaign, just write "Don't Put Kish in the Closet" somewhere on your card.

The Goal

Honestly, we're conflicted. Do we even want the guys to go back to a show that dismissed them so horribly? But we're sticking with the "Don't Put Kish in the Closet" theme. Even if it doesn't get the guys back, it gets across how upset we are about the de-gaying of Llanview, and hopefully gives TPTB a hint about just how damn awful their decision was. Handwritten and mailed items carry more weight because they take more time to create, and we want TPTB to see how serious we are about this. But of course, keep up the emails and phone calls. Bombard them!


Comments, critiques, suggestions, questions, everything welcome! We've never done this before, and we want it to be as effective as possible. Thanks for your patience as we figure it all out. So glad we're all passionate about doing something.

1 comment:

  1. Hi everyone,

    On facebook there is a OLTL page about the show. What we could all do is like it, so that we can write on the wall, and bombard the page with comments about Kish etc and how we want them back. We could also create a facebook save Kish page and get loads of follows, get all of our friends and families involved. When we have so many likes/members send the numbers to the OLTL creators to show them how serious we are! Also with the OLTL page if we bombard that with lots of Kish comments they may think "If we don't put Kish back on we will keep getting all of these comments." Another thing you could do is when Nuke was supposed to end on ATWT the outrage was so big it ended up on the British news, so you could do something really big. You could also have a save Kish pride/fun day to help show how strongly you feel about saving them. What you could also do aswell is go to every major event and just go on about Kish no matter what the event is, even if its not about TV. What we all need to do is get the message out there, get the numbers so high they have to put them back on etc.

    Many thanks,
    Jacob Heptinstall

    P.S. I live in Britain and want to help but have no idea how I can without moving to America. Please contact me on my email address