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We are doing this not only to keep ground-breaking gay supercouple Kyle and Oliver on "One Life to Live", but also in support of gay representation in the media in general. We would like ABC Daytime to continue to strive for diversity and equality in their programming.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fish4Kish is Scott Evans Approved!



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  1. arent we supporting Brett and Scott too as well as the characters they play kyle and Oliver??..
    just curious since it just shows the characters names and not theirs....

  2. I am a big fan of oltl and love the fish and kyle story,especially now that it's out that fish is seira rose father. There is so much storyline potential there. I also love there character's individually. Please bring them back.

  3. I never miss OLTL! I fully support your efforts to Keep Kish out of the closet. I am involved in a crusade to get Drew Garrett back on GH. I wish I could come to your rally! I believe your efforts will be successful.

    All the best,

    LeAnn Skeen
    Keep Drew Garrett Drew Crew

  4. We cant give up until Brett and Scott return and even after kyle's last airdate on April 16th it doesnt have to be the end if we keep
    letting ABC know how much we want them back again..good luck with the Fish4Kish campaign

  5. I want KISH to be on and if they STOP this I am and so r my friends STOP will NOT watch anymore
    We need My 2 daddys KISH still on

  6. it has been a long time that oltl had interesting story lines and when fish and kyle was a couple it was a good story line, they took sky off and jared to see jessica go back to high school? give me a break i even rather see stacy and kim again for that much, it is starting to get boring again please bring fish and kyle back.

  7. christa said it has been a long time now oltl sotryline when fish and kyle couple it was good storyline for them i will support them to bring fish and kyle back to with oltl and raise their daughter seirra rose together on-screen again